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SME District is the award- winning incubator, as the best start-up accelerator program in the UAE and MENA Region, to help SMEs kick-start or grow their businesses globally from the heart of Dubai. The program started in 2017 as the 1st initiative to support challenged businesses and after 3 years of continuous research and development of 252 business case studies, we have tailored a pandemic proof program that aims to give brands and businesses the support they need to overcome entrepreneurial challenges & boost their business growth.


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Our program was launched in February 2020 at SMEDistrict’s biggest entrepreneurship Festival in the UAE “ DreamStation”, held at the Meydan Grandstand Equestrian world championship, to open our doors for SMEs to benefit from our accelerator program services; consultations with hands-on experience, the 1st brand personalized marketplace tailored to SME needs to help them sell their products worldwide, connect to investors & influencers to...



SMEDISTRICT’s vision is to enable youth in the MENA Region to pursue entrepreneurship successfully & help local Brands take their innovations Globally.



Our program educates entrepreneurship innovation to SMEs & local brands by providing them hands- on experience & knowledge of business hustling and professional brand development. As we offer a full fledged accelerator program that supports local brands both online & offline to validate their business concept and to sell their products globally, so they can create self-sustainable fast growing businesses.



Launched more than 25 successful brands.

Curated “DreamStation” the biggest enterperuship festival in the UAE

Launch of the First & Biggest Emirati SME Department Store in the Region

Delivered over 500 Entrepreneurship workshops

Collaborated with the YOUTH office, RAK SME, Dubai SME, Khalifa fund & other governmental entities that support local businesses.

"Won the title of being “The Best Start-Up Accelerator program” in the UAE & MENA Region” by the UK Global Brands Awards."


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