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The District



accelerator program

is designed to help trendsetters whether they are start-ups or existing businesses to develop strong brand profiles, successfully operational business models, marketing and  business development support giving SMEs advice from business experts to become successful international brands. Our program guides SMEs through their challenges with the business consultation sessions, help local brands with heir business development through SMEDistrict packages to build better brand positioning, gives them access to a variety of networking events and pitching competitions, access to a leading e-commerce brand personalized marketplace and finally gives local brands and designers the opportunity to own their own prime brand stores without any fixed rent so local talents can compete with international brands in premium destinations in the UAE such as Dubai Mall and other luxury retail destinations.

This program was tailored to give ultimate support to ambitious and innovative designers and entrepreneurs based in the UAE to launch their brands locally and grow globally, to create a platform for disruptive talent, where investors are hungry to fund trendsetters who can potentially develop the next international retail brands.



business consultation

every week

of one on one business coaching consultation sessions to small and medium
businesses to develop, evaluate and record the progress of their brand development journey.

One to One Business Consultation scheduled every week will make the SME’s to develop, evaluate and record the progress of their brand development journey. 


SMEDistrict 1ST smart SME store in the region to accelerate local brands

SMEDistrict will create SMEDistrict the 1st SME smart department Store that will host all TOP NOTCH Local SME brands and creative concept 37 brands in various sectors like beauty, fashion, product design, technology , F&B, and more will compete to be apart of SMEDistrict store subsidizing major rent costs allowing SMEs to own their own stores based on revenue share a business model catered to accelerate SMEs growth and over come COVID-19 and SMEs market challenges giving them the marketing support, brand development consultation and the prime location they need to compete with international brands and grow their brands globally.

SMEDistrict is not a normal store; it will be an experiential store with creative and attractive design. Our strategy is to support the most prominent home-grown SME concepts within the retail and F&B industry in one SMART SME Store, that will give them not only a prime location with revenue share subsidizing high operational cost but also offering them a  full fledge retail incubation platform where SMEs own their own personalized e-commerce website and the potential to promote and book the space is just one click away.

Personalized E-Commerce Marketplace to promote their brands to 6m+ users

Social based entrepreneurship platform

Prime Store location with revenue share

Monthly Evaluation of Brand Performance.

Full Support for brand concept development

Business consultation to develop your brand positioning weekly

Monthly Evaluation & Reporting for their:

  • a. Brand sales performance
  • b. Product quality
  • c. Customer service satisfaction
  • d. Visual merchandising
  • e. Marketing & business development

Year-round Events and Activations for Brand Exposure

Best performing Brands has the chance to be Franchised Globally


  • 5,000 AED Membership fee.
  • 20% booking fee (current dated cheque).
  • 30% security deposit (postdated cheque).
  • Utilities (chilled water and electricity).
  • 25%- 30% of gross sales without rent.



Modular & Flexible Design adapts to your line of business


Personalized Branding Space in every store


Smart payment method through the Applications


In-store Pick-up and online Delivery through the Application


AR &VR Marketing Activations.


Enabling brands and SMEs to e-book their store space online


1st Digital Retail Lab (DRL) int he region


Specialized space for F&B concepts


Business Consultation for brand development services.


Franchising local brands globally


Submit your profile, website, Instagram account and trade license

We will evaluate your brand based on the following criteria:
The innovation of the brand concept.
Strength of your brand profile, Social Media presence or E – commerce website strength
If the brand serves any of the following sustainability, Social Responsibility, & Technology.
The knowledge and experience of the business owner.
The engagement of the business owner and/or local partner.

SMEDistrict Team will get back to you within 5 to 10 working days to reserve your space and then the following steps will be followed to book your space and start your design and concept development process for your store:
Fill the registration form
Choose your space and book your desired space
Sign your sub concession agreement and you are good to go.

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